Stanislav Sitnikov

About Stanislav_Sitnikov

Artist, photographer.
Member of the Union of photo Artists of Russia.
Graduate Of The New York Institute Of Photography.
The author's works have been exhibited in Moscow, Paris, London, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Barcelona, Venice, Okinawa, Milan, Birmingham, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Montreal, Lisbon, Athens, Budapest, Thessaloniki, Hanoi (Vietnam), Bucharest, Kampala (Uganda), Tel Aviv, at various exhibitions in China, India, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia.
FIAP gold, PSA gold medals and other awards diploma Of different photography contests worldwide.
Winner of IPA, PX3, MIFA, TIFA, Life Framer, Photographer of the Year 2019, Urban Photo Awards, Spider Photo Awards and others.